2020 Tournament Rules

*Any violation will result in automatic disqualification*

  • $100 Entry.  100% Payback!!
  • Two Lady team with the option of a 3rd  
    1. - Female Youth age 12-16
    2. Senior Lady Angler age 60/+.


          -  Man; whose sole purpose is to drive the boat, whether by Boat Motor OR Trolling Motor --no fishing or handling of fish, bait, rods, and tackle.  Other than driving the boat, the Man is NOT allowed to help in anyway, such as; give advice on fishing locations, techniques, tackle, he cannot tell the Ladies how to reel the fish to the boat or net it.  He IS allowed to video, take pictures and back the trailer down at launch and load.**Captain and Male Member Must be willing to possibly be polygraphed if on board of the top finishing teams.

  • 5 fish limit; 2 over 34” and 3 under. Single lady angler teams must follow state laws and are only allowed 1 fish over 34”.
  • 8 rods per team in use at once, but you may have as many rigged for backup on the boat.
  • Fish must be caught using Rod and Reel.
  • Teams must compete from boat and must keep a 50-yard distance from other boats, whether passing or fishing.
  • Teams must comply with state fishing and boating regulations, will result in a Disqualification if not followed.
  • Fishing hours are from 7 am – 3 pm.  May leave dock once National Anthem and Prayer is finished (around 6 am) to head to desired fishing spot.  Bait may not touch water until 7 am and bait cannot be in water past 3 pm.
  • Must be checked in on dock by 4 pm or team will result in Disqualification. 
  • Live well checks will begin in the morning before launch. *Time will be announced at the Captains Meeting.
  • No chumming or fishing known baited holes. 
  • Live wells only; no stringers. Fish MUST BE ALIVE TO WEIGH.  Any dead fish weighed in will result in Disqualification.
  • All fish will be released Live, no fish maybe kept. 
  • No culling at the ramp or dock. Do this before coming into weigh.
  • In case of a tie for a placement, the team with the biggest fish will take the spot.  Incase of tie for Big Fish, the team with the second Biggest Fish at weigh in will decide the winner.
  • Any complaint or tournament rule protest must be presented in writing to tournament Director before winners are announced. Pictures or videos with a time stamp and objects to measure distance with are a must.

*Unsportsmanlike conduct Will Not be tolerated*

*Tournament Director holds the right to cancel or reschedule (if possible) the tournament due to inclement weather*


2020 Tournament Waiver and Release

I have read the event information and understand the policies of the event.  I should not enter unless I am medically able and of sound mind.  I assume all risks associated with my voluntary participation in this event. I and my team, in consideration of being permitted to participate and your accepting my entry in the Chick Fight Tournament for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release and forever discharge the Chick Fight  tournament directors, workers, volunteers and any and all sponsoring companies, entities and individuals, from any claim, demand, action or right of action arising from or by reason any bodily or personal injury, death or property damage resulting from any accident which may occur as a result of our participation in this event. We further release all officials, staff, sponsoring companies from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid treatment or service rendered us during our participation in the Chick Fight Tournament.  I further grant full permission to the above-mentioned sponsors, organizers and or agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or other record of the event for any reasonable purpose.