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Chick Fight 2020's DIAMOND Sponsor

About Whisker Seeker

Whisker Seeker Tackle is a company made for the Catfish Angler. Created by Matthew Davis and ran out of Iowa, USA. Whisker Seeker Tackle offers a wide range of Catfishing Technique Products. Designed and tested with the Catfisherman or Woman in mind. Their products cover trolling, drifting, bumping and tight-lining fishing. Whisker Seeker Tackle offers Rods, Lures, Rigs, Floats, Fishing Line and Hooks for any Anglers needs. 

Chick Fight 2020 is excited to be Presented by Whisker Seeker Tackle! Ladies you Will Not want to miss this event! 

Where to find them

Be sure to check out Whisker Seeker Tackle online, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!


River Rats Reel Repair


River Rats Reel Repair will set your Reels up! They service Reels with cleanings, fine tuning, fixing and so much more! Chick Fight is excited to have them as Sponsors! Click the Logo to follow them on Facebook!

SeaArk Boats


SeaArk Boats is the Leading Catfish Boat for the Tournament Catfish Angler. Built tough and with the Angler in Mind! Look no more for that Dream Boat than SeaArk.  Click the Logo to learn more about SeaArk online and follow them on Facebook!



Catfish are well known for staying close to the bottom, in and around structure. So to catch that Dream Fish you must put your bait where he lives. Unfortunately that can also mean breaking off lines and tackle. RigRap products helps you to Spend your time Fishing and Not Rigging! Click the Logo to find out more about RigRap online, also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

partners in slime


Partners in Slime is a Veteran Owned Georgia Company. Their Cat Draggers are made to make Dragging for Trophy Cats easier and less stressful! Their innovative Culling System was made by the Tournament Angler, for the Tournament Angler. Be sure to check them out and find a Dealer on their Facebook Page by clicking their Logo!!

parks planer boards and enterprise


Parks Planer Boards and Enterprise Products are From Kansas, owned and operated by Kevin Parks. Parks is a strong believer in CPR, Catch Photo & Release. To ensure our next generation of Anglers has a Sport to look forward to. Conservation is Key to our Children's Outdoor Success! Find out more about Parks love of the outdoors through his Products by clicking the Logo to find them on Facebook.

Maci's Fish 'N' Finds


This Family owned and operated Business is the One Stop Shop for your Catfish Needs! They have Rods, Reels, Line and Tackle as far as the eye can see! And Yes they will ship directly to you! For whatever you may need, Click the Logo to find them on Facebook!